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LSIS H100 Low Voltage VFD for HVAC

LSIS H100 Low Voltage VFD for HVAC

HVAC Oriented AC Drive,

The LSLV-H100 sets the standard for the drive industry. Environmentally friendly water treatment and HVAC systems incorporate the outstanding energy-saving benefits of the LSLV-H100 for fans and pumps.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Accessories
  • Video
  • Maximized User Convenience
    • Communication Module Exclusive for HVAC-BACnet
    • Global Specifications Compliant-UL Plenum Rated
  • Efficient Use of Space
    • Side-by-Side Installation
    • Reduced Size
  • Stable System Control
    • Soft Fill Control
    • Multiple-motor Control
    • Fire Mode
  • 3-Phase,200 ~ 240V: Motor Capacity: 0.75~18.5kW (1~25HP), Rated Output: 5A ~69A
  • 3-Phase,380 ~ 480V: Motor Capacity: 0.75~90kW (1~120HP), Rated Output: 2.5A ~169A 
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment and HVAC systems
  • H100 drives not only provide optimum solution to applications for cooling/heating and water treatment, but also ensure energy saving (for fans, pumps and compressors) and pleasant environment.
  • LonWorks : LonWorks communication card
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