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LSIS iS7 Low Voltage VFD for Marine

LSIS iS7 Low Voltage VFD for Marine

High Torque Performance and Precise VFD Inverter featuring on strong torque performance and accurate control for general use iS7 generates more powerful performance in terms of V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation, sensorless vector control, PMSM (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor) and focuses on user-friendly interface and environment-friendly features including wide graphic LCD keypad, user & macro group support, electro-thermal functions for motor protection, protection for input/output phase Open.

The iS7 has been tested and certified by DNV, ABS and BV etc to comply with International Marine requirements.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Accessories
  • Powerful Performance
    • V/F, V/F+PG, Sensorless, Sensored Vector control
    • Speed Control Range 1:100 (Sensorless Vector), 1:1000(Vector)
    • LV Trip Delay Function, Cooling Fan Control, Process PID Control
    • Droop control, KEB Function, Flying Start, Flux Brake
    • Dedicated WEB tension control
  • Flexibility
    • Built-in RS485 & Modbus Communication
    • Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, LonWorks, Rnet, Ethernet IP / Modbus TCP
    • CC-link communication options
    • Max. Input 11 Points, Output 6 Points when use expended I/O Card
    • PLC Card option: Normal Input 14 Points, Output 7 points
    • A variety of pulse generation option cards
    • Optional IP54 Enclosure (~ 22kW)
  • Convenience & Environment
    • EMC filter built-in for protection from excessive electronic distortion
    • DC reactor built-in for harmonic reduction and power factor
    • Improvement
    • Widened graphic LCD keypad
    • Multi-language support (6 languages)
    • Special hardware for Marine environment such as DNV, ABS, BV etc
    • User & macro group support
  • 3-phase,200 ~ 230V: Motor Capacity: 0.75~75kW (1~100HP), Rated Output: 8A ~345A
  • 3-Phase,380 ~ 480V: Motor Capacity: 0.75~375kW (1~500HP), Rated Output: 4A ~877A
  • Marine applications ( Pumps, Thrusters, HVAC, Winches, Propulsions, etc)
  • Any kind of winding applications
  • Wide range of Field bus options
  • PLC and Extension I/O options
  • PG( Pulse Generation) Encoder options
  • Drive copy unit
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