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EOCR-MME Motor Protection Relay

EOCR-MME Motor Protection Relay

EOCR-MME is a next generation relay with communication functionality for Motor Monitoring, Protection and Control.
Intelligent Electronic Over Current Relay- Motor Management Economic version.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Easy installation and maintenance for improved work efficiency
  • Save time and maintenance cost
  • Improve the efficiency and safety of production process
  • In unmanned management system, save energy through operation statistics.
  • Greatly reduced space compared with the traditional panel of the same capacity
  • On/off function for local and remote
  • Operating Mode: DOL, star-delta, inverter
  • Built-in MODBUS RS-485 communication
  • Control Mode: LOP, MCC, AUTO, COMM
  • Suitable for inverter environment: Available for low frequency (5~200Hz)
  • Enhanced monitoring function: Real-time monitoring at far distance (150m)
  • Perfect protection by selecting inverse thermal time / definite time / inverse time
  • Bar graph function: operating current to set current
  • Record 3 latest fault: fault type fault time fault current of R.S.T phase
  • Date & Time setting: YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM/SS
  • Limit restarting, operating hour saving functions
  • 3-phase current and leakage current display (alternatively)
  • 3-phase / single phase setting
  • Security set-up: password function
  • Setting and monitoring with PC: free PCON software
  • Selectable by General/Ground Current with External ZCT, Ground Current with built-in ZCT
  • Real Time Processing / Higher Precision


Available application on any type of single and 3 phase motors.

  • Buildings : Office, commercial, and residential buildings, schools, hospitals
  • Industrial Facilities: Petrochemical, electronic, glass, steel, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, paint, etc.
  • Utilities: Gas, water supply & drainage, airport, railway, port
  • Fan, Blower, Pump system, Crane , Hoist, Belt Conveyer (fluctuating load), Chemical processing motor,
  • Machine tools: drills, bites, saws, and grinders etc.,
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