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Jean Muller Fuse

Jean Muller Fuse

  • Semiconductor Fuses:Standard NH fuse-links with utilization category gG operate to slowly to protect semiconductors. JEAN MÜLLER fuse-links for semiconductor protection are extremely fast acting fuse-links for reliable over-current protection of sensitive semiconductor devices.
  • HV HRC Fuses: JEAN MÜLLER IKUS HV HRC fuse-links are designed according the international standard IEC/EN 60282-1and national standard DIN VDE 0670-402.To prevent secondary damage, transformers have tobe protected against thermal and dynamical overload caused by short circuit currents.
  • General Purpose Fuses: NH fuse-links are established for protection of electrical installations and equipment and common for awide area of applications.By means of their application personal injury andphysical damage can be prevented. Therewith theynotably improve personal and operational safety andsupport the quality of supply and reliability of the mains.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Accessories
  • NH fuses for a broad range of applications
  • Highly specialized fuse-links for protecting semiconductor devices
  • Fuses for photovoltaic systems (protecting your investment)
  • NH fuse-bases in various sizes (directly mounted or on busbars)
  • D-type fuse-links with high switching capacity (can be used by lay people)
  • High-voltage, high-performance fuse-links for protecting transformers

Semiconductor Fuses

HV HRC Fuses

General Purpose Fuses



  • Semiconductor Fuses:Semiconductor fuse-links with utilization categories aR, gR and gS for AC500V, AC690V and AC1000V are mainly applied for the protection of semiconductors as well as systems and devices.
  • HV HRC Fuses: IKUS HV HRC fuse-links are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. In the range of rated voltages 3,6kV up to 36kV they mainly cover the protection against thermal and dynamical overload of transformers at short-circuit currents. Application as protection for high voltage motors is optional, the starting current, starting time and starting frequency have to be taken into account.
  • General Purpose Fuses: Motor protection, transformer overload, protection of electrical installations and equipment and common for a wide area of applications.
  • Semiconductor Fuses:
    • NH fuse handle,
    • NH fuse handle with sleeve,
    • Gripping-lug top unit switch,
    • Micro switch for center indicator.
  • HV HRC Fuses:
    • HV HRC fuse-bases,
    • HRC fuse-links,
    • Extension adapter,
    • Solid link, solid link.
  • General Purpose Fuses: 
    • Fuse-links,
    • Solid links,
    • Fuse handle,
    • NH fuse handle with sleeve,
    • Gripping-lug top unit switch,
    • Bypass unit in aluminum case, for NH metering fuse-links.
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